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Are you looking for well trained, highly qualified workers? Let TET provide your business with quality, professional trained staff. Call Virginia at (909) 382-4141 for information.

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Our Mission

Technical Employment Training is a 501c(3) non profit business and education cooperative. In partnership with San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools to provide manufacturing trades education and hands on skills to train and prepare students a manufacturing skilled workforce.

Our Mission at Technical Employment Training is: To provide certified employment skills training and job placement assistance to enhance the employability of job seekers, facilitate career growth opportunities for employees and assist employers in acquiring an exceptionally qualified workforce.

Here at TET, we are more than a trade school. The students, instructors and machinist are co-located in a real world environment where the machine shop is operated as a business. Our students gain hands-on experience in an operational business setting while earning nationally-accredited certification in Machine Technology. Businesses bring real projects to TET where student proficiency is developed on-the-job.

At TET, we believe in Keeping America Great by Leading the world in economic development, business, innovation, education and quality of life with an unmatched, top-quality, skilled workforce.

The Technical Employment Training Difference

At Technical Employment Training we focus on four core areas to give our students a rounded, multi-dimensional skill-set on which to build a career.

Comprehensive Curriculum

TET delivers a Comprehensive Curriculum within 630 hours of intensive academic and hands-on instruction. Students attend classes for 6 hours each day, 5 days per week for 21 weeks, or 4 hours each night, 5 days per week for 27 weeks.

Direct Business & Industry Linkage

TET students gain hands-on experience in an operational business setting while earning Industry-derived, Nationally-Recognized Credentials in Machine Technology and Advanced Manufacturing.

National Conferred Credentials

TET provides a Direct and Tangible Link to Business where the machine shop is operated as a business. Industry partners bring real projects to TET to develop student proficiency and “on-the-job” skills.

In-House Placement Services

TET provides proven In-House Job Development and Placement Services to obtain permanent employment for students within the manufacturing trades industry.

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