Machine Trades

Machine Trades Course

Technical Employment Training, Inc. offers a series of manufacturing trades and machine tools training courses. Courses are offered individually or as a comprehensive 630-hour instructional series. The complete course series is segmented into 5 Training Blocks containing classes on designated subjects in machining processes as well as state-of-the-art computerized numerical control machining. The curriculum includes Basic Math, Basic Blueprint Reading, Metrology and Inspection, Basic Machine Operation, Computer Aided Manufturing (CAM) and entry-level Computerized Numerical Controlled (CNC) Operations. It also includes 40 hours of Basic Workplace Skills Training.

Training Block 1
Manufacturing and Safety40 Hours
Part Design and Applied Math50 Hours
Training Block 2
Blueprint Reading40 Hours
Metrology and QA Fundamentals50 Hours
Training Block 3
Fundamentals of CNC & CAM 70 Hours
Computer Aided Manufacturing 120 Hours
Training Block 4
CNC Machine Set-up40 Hours
Basic Machine Operations150 Hours
Training Block 5
Job Search and Retention66 Hours

“Institution is approved by the California State Approving Agency to enroll veterans and other eligible persons”