Construction and Program Consulting


This course provides instruction and training for students interested in careers in construction, remodeling and commercial building. Students are introduced to hand and power tools used in construction and trained how to properly operate those tools in a safe manner. Students will learn how to design, plan and construct building projects. The curriculum includes foundations, framing, electricity, roofing, and plumbing. The course also emphasizes blueprint reading, job estimating and site preparation. Students that achieve competency in this course can obtain entry-level skills in building maintenance and could obtain employment in the construction and repair field with residential and commercial complexes and residential refurbishing agencies or enter additional training offered by colleges and apprenticeship programs.

Module 1 – Safety

  • OSHA 10 Hour Card
  • OSHA 10 Certification

Module 2 – Power Tools

  • Introduction to Power Tools

Module 3 – Drawings

  • Introduction to Construction Drawings

Module 4 – Communication

  • Effective on-the-job communications
  • Employability Skills

Module 5 – Laboratory Skills

  • Elementary Floor Plans
  • Installations for Interior and Exterior